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Athletic & Clinical Taping Course in Toronto

Athletic & Clinical Taping Course in Toronto

This hands-on course provides students with knowledge and practical application of clinical taping skills and taping for athletes and athletic injuries. Students will learn various taping concepts from clinical diagnostic taping (ie. McKenzie protocol taping for disc herniation or sciatica patients), functional taping for a variety of conditions (ie. KinTape, Spider Tape, Rock Tape) and traditional athletic taping for sport injuries.   Traditional athletic taping methods include taping various muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints for added support during sport. This form of taping utilizes various forms of tape including zinc oxide tape (traditional white athletic tape), Hypafix (hypoallergenic dressing), Leukotape (rigid brown strapping tape), Elastikon (elastic cloth tape), Ultralight (lycra elastic adhesive tape) and many others. Athletic taping can help reduce and possibly prevent injury as it provides structured support and enhanced proprioceptive feedback to muscles, ligaments and joints. 
  • Teaching Safe Taping Techniques in Toronto

    Will you be joining us, Sportside Medical Services in developing your sports trainer's competencies?  Become adept at advanced taping techniques!

    This can be possible with Toronto's leading sports athletic taping courses provided by Sportside Medical Services, where fitness enthusiasts and aspiring sports medicine professionals alike can learn the push of specialized taping techniques!

    Sportside Medical Services in Toronto takes the safety and effectiveness of sports practices seriously, which is why we are one of the city's most popular medical sports services.

    One of the major aspects of education is allowing or regulating secure and correct taping tactics. Because it gives muscles, ligaments, and joints more organized support and improved feedback, athletic taping can help lessen and even avoid injuries.

    In this course, we aim to provide athletes, coaches, and sports enthusiasts with the knowledge base and skills required to do the correct taping, which is supportive. The main objective is to lower the chances for athletes to sustain injuries and to help them achieve their greater potential during physical activities.

    Sportside's team of professionally experienced individuals provides you with complete practical lessons that cover proper taping methods which includes traditional athletic taping for sport injuries.

    It is essential to train each group member why each technique is being used and how it will be applied practically.

    The training also includes using the best materials and skin care to guarantee effective support. A crucial element of learning athletic taping to sporting injuries is providing effective treatment. This helps encourage safety and awareness in this field among sporty individuals.

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