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Sports Performance Rehabilitation and Recovery Clinic - Helping Athletes Recover and Rebound in GTA 

Sportside Medical Services in Toronto is one of the most professional healthcare organizations that delivers services to athletes to promote quicker and complete recovery from injuries.

With a group of qualified and seasoned staff, we provide a holistic range of services to meet the distinguished needs of the athletes. Such services include physiotherapy, chiropractic care, massage therapy, athletic therapy, registered kinesiology, and other body-related services and practices. Our strategic approach addresses the patient with utmost care.  Our team of experts not only treats injuries and but also takes precautions against other injuries.

We make sure to integrate cutting-edge treatment methods and technology for our patients to achieve the desired treatment. If it is your top professional athlete or one of the many weekend warriors; it doesn't matter. Sportside Medical Services is your ad hoc teammate in Toronto who will get back athletes in the game safely and quickly.

Toronto's Trusted Experts in Sports Injury Recovery and Rehab

We provide high-quality rehab and therapeutic services for injured athletes. In addition to a devoted staff of health professionals, our center is focused on assisting athletes in developing their strength, movement, and self-confidence despite diverse injuries that have affected their sports performance. 

Our core values are advanced technology and sports-specific treatments; thus, our goal is the quick and effective cure of the injured athlete.  The injured athlete will return to their normal state to continue their sport in the shortest possible time.

Our team has earned the reputation in Toronto in a short time for the dedication and quality in patient rehab and service. 

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